Pro Juventute Spielfestival 2018

Anne and Dom will be in the Swiss city of Biel/Bienne this May to showcase some of last year’s Open Citizens work in Coventry. We’ll be among an international group of researchers, practitioners and professionals aiming to “help deepen the discussion about the role of play in urban development processes” for the Pro Juventute Spielfestival from May 25th-26th.

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Make it Reel 2018

Make it Reel is a multimedia summer school for young people interested in film, acting and music. You’ll work and play for a week alongside a team of creative professionals from different disciplines (led by us!) to craft a media-rich live performance for one of the largest arts centres in the UK.

Mon 6th – Fri 10th August 2018

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Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of data – PIPS:lab at Warwick Arts Centre

On Friday we hosted Amsterdam company PIPS:lab as part of our ‘Random String’ programme at Warwick Arts Centre. In this guest post, Mark Hancock offers his reflections…

“Shadows in the Clouds, the show PIPS:lab performed on the night, looks at how willing we are to surrender our data. In this case, our visual data. With volunteers from the audience, they used motion capture cameras and scanners to capture body shapes, colours and micro-performance elements of the volunteers. These were then used to fashion a short sci-fi film as the final performance of the evening…We aren’t here for the latest Marvel blockbuster. It’s the interaction and the humour of working live that engages the audience, not the awe and shock of CGI.”

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City of Culture…City of Play

The news is out! We’re screaming from the rooftops. We have been selected as Digital Artists in Residence for Coventry’s UK City of Culture 2021 bid.

We’ll be hosting a series of workshops in the next few weeks, working with different community groups to imagine playful interactive artworks that could make the experience of travelling through Coventry a bit more fun. Then this autumn, we’ll be turning a handful of Coventry’s ideas into reality.

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The people are the city

If the last few years have taught us anything, it should be that democracy is more complicated than asking people a binary question. That creates instability, uncertainty, and a dangerous space where bad ideas rise to the top. We need every citizen to understand issues, interrogate policy, question authority, and find local solutions to global problems. This week, I spent a couple of days working with Ludic Rooms, to look at how their Open Citizens projects start to find ways to create such an enabled, empowered and emboldened citizenship..

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Work with us – Creative Internship

Ludic Rooms has an opportunity for a bright, motivated, self-starter to work with us on a major interactive art project taking place across Coventry from June to October 2017. Ludic Rooms is a postdigital organisation that creates art and technology projects that...

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BANG! CRASH! All change

We love our studio here at the Canal Warehouse but for the last year we’ve had a rather stinky problem. Calling an 18thC warehouse our home certainly has its benefits but around a year ago we discovered that one of our lovely exposed 200 year old brick walls had a problem. A leak…from the canal…into the studio. This has meant heaps of damp, mould and general mankiness. It has taken months of wrangling to get the problem seen to but finally some rather major renovations are taking place.

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