A wide-reaching development programme exploring the use of networked, interactive and creative technologies by artists. Includes: the RS Fellowships, an artist development and mentoring scheme; the RS Symposium, a sector-focussed day of sharing best practice hosted by Warwick Arts Centre; and the RS microFestival, a public celebration of arts and technology in Coventry City Centre.

In this second iteration of the programme, we presented work in three streams:

How can introducing interactive and networked technologies throughout the creative process enable a more meaningful relationship with audiences? How can technology foster interaction between people, rather than just interaction with the artwork itself?

What do networked and interactive technologies mean for the ownership of artworks and performances? Who is the author when co-creating, sharing and making work interactively? Do technologies enable new kinds of audience agency? How does the use of creative technologies redefine the notion of participatory arts practice?

Can technologies be a democratising force in the arts world? Can technology redefine the arts establishment, challenge our models of power and distribution, build new audience and enable new ways of working?

In 2016, Random String supported the work of 36 artists, engaged with 1142 workshop participants across 62 sessions, and presented work to combined live audiences of 1258 people in Coventry.

Random String is supported by Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry City Council and Arts Council England.

for more info see randomstring.co