Commissioned by Warwick Arts Centre in Coventry, this project is an interactive digital art piece that explores the interactions between people and technology through play. The screens are neither touch screens or television screens and as such break away from the traditional use of screens for digital art. The screens display the digital interpretation of the users analogue movement. Move your hand in front of the screen and your digital creation appears. Try exploring using different parts of the body with alternate motion. If you touch then the piece will dissolve to nothing.



The creators are Ashley Brown and Dom Breadmore from Coventry. Both Ludic Rooms artists have close associations with Warwick Arts Centre; Dom due to his educational work with young people on Make it Reel, a young film-maker project, and regular visitors may remember Ashley as the former manager of Rise, the foyer music store:

Warwick Arts Centre’s aim is to be a place of creative stimulation, refreshment, and artistic adventure for audiences and artists alike.

Ash and Dom’s proposal, for a fun way of play on the windows of the old Rise store, encapsulates this mission and adds a whole colourful new dimension to your entry or exit to a visit to one of the country’s leading arts centres.